martes, 17 de noviembre de 2015

Introduction of Immersion week


My name is Edgar Conde Palacios. I am a Student from Universidad Autonoma de Chiapas, I study English Language Teaching at Languages Faculty and I am taking the 6th semester.
This project of immersion week is requirement to involve the students to Academic life.

The immersion week has many objectives, however the most important is about accompanying a teacher to have a period of direct and intensive contact with the professional life as a teacher; another objectives are observing classes to identify some problems and propose solutions for them and reflexing about the teacher life.

The week for accompanying a teacher help to motivate me to continuous studying my major and developing the way how English is though.

I have chosen Centro Educativo Maya to do my immersion week, because it looks like a wonderful place with good recommendations where children have English class, so I wanted to observe and accompanying the teachers who works there.

sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2015

My self-reflection about my experience applying an exam

My self-reflection about my experience applying an exam

My first experience applying an exam was very hard, because I didn´t know how to do a good scholar exam.
At the beginning, I have some problems about how to do it or what format I could use, therefore I went to look for some examples of test, some actives and how to put them in practice.
I did an exam based on grammar about present perfect simple and present perfect continuous, during the process doing it I had some mistakes that I corrected them that is why I have two drafts, however I couldn’t apply the exam, so the students had a full schedule with the teacher in charge because they had to apply an filter exam.
So my first exam couldn´t be applied, I had to design other more, as well as the first one, the new was about grammar using the modal verbs can and must, although the new one had to be more like a quiz, because the students and the teacher in charge don´t have mucho time and I had to apply it in one of my class in a short time.
In spite of my difficulties I applied the test and I can say that was gratifying, so I could leave the stress out, besides I felt very well seeing the students solving an exam designed for me.
In the feedback the students told that the exam wasn´t difficult, but they didn´t pay attention very well to some question that is why they had some wrong answers. Moreover I felt very happy because the students and the teacher told me the exam was clear, concise and well-structured.
To sun up, this experience was very hard, however during the process I enjoyed it and I am very satisfied with my work. This made me see other aspect of being an English teacher and now I want to go ahead with the process to become an English Teacher. 

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2015

My work partners

My work partners                     

During the time that I have studied at Language School, I had had many friends and partners for working in my classes and my homework, however when I was studying the fourth semester I found two people who became with the time my best friends and my perfect team for working in the school.
Those guys are Joel Kenneth and Huber Alexis in whom I have found the perfect attitude to work in team, because of supporting each other. We have different way to think, but that hasn´t been an obstacle in our friendship nor in our homework, because we complement our ideas together.
Joel Kenneth, in my opinion, he is who knows more about English, in addition with his competences of working in team, his responsibility, and the way he works and his knowledge make us a good team work.
Huber Alexis, the voice in our mind as I named him, due to the way he always press for working, because he always follows the rules, so sometimes Kenneth and I lost the road. Alexis is a responsible person and always shares that feeling to us.
 These people that I mentioned, Joel and Alexis are considered my best work partners and my best friends, but all over with the affection that I have them, they are my brothers.

viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

My difficult Fridays

Since I stated to study the University, I work at nights on weekends, therefore my Fridays are always difficult, and because of staying awake during a scholar day is too hard. Sometimes I fall asleep in the classes, other times I don´t arrive to the school or if I arrive to the school I don´t get in to the classes.

Some teachers have told me that I have to find other job, because this one makes me get bad grades, however my job is very gratifying, so I earn much money to pay my school, my personal thing and I can contribute in my house with money.

I have studied in this degree for 3 years as much as I work at nights that is why I am accustomed to stay awake on Fridays and try to do my best in those days. In some classes is hard to be wake, but I try to pay attention, some teachers understand my condition and help me, some others not, because they think that the life is in that way and I have to solve my problems.

In spite of my condition on Friday days I am doing my best, I have arrived until sixth semester with ups and downs. Knowing that my effort has been very hard, I can´t surrender in my goal, because I will achieve to end my degree.

viernes, 28 de agosto de 2015

Going back to the past (rewritten)

Going back to the past,

When I said going back to the past I referred to talk about my friends while I got into the university.

I remember when I was in  first semester I did not know anybody in the school, but I recognized a guy who applied the admission test in the same room with me, so with him I did my first friend in the Language School, that guy was Elmer, one the person in the image.
As everyone I had a group of friends, we were 6 men. All of us we felt identified each other’s, I do not why but we were the only guys who were a big group of friends, the whole class indented us very fast. We were Bernardo, Juan Carlos, Elmer, Pepe and Alexis.
For third semester we were a group of friends that the whole school knew that is why we have many friends in every classroom. In those I met to Asael, the guy who is in the middle of the image, although he was a friend of a different classroom, he thought us many thing to face the difficulties in our degree, because he was in the last semesters.
Nowadays we are in different classroom, due to different interests, some others did not pass some subjects, one is in other school, however we still keep our friendship, in spite of being separated.