viernes, 28 de agosto de 2015

Going back to the past (rewritten)

Going back to the past,

When I said going back to the past I referred to talk about my friends while I got into the university.

I remember when I was in  first semester I did not know anybody in the school, but I recognized a guy who applied the admission test in the same room with me, so with him I did my first friend in the Language School, that guy was Elmer, one the person in the image.
As everyone I had a group of friends, we were 6 men. All of us we felt identified each other’s, I do not why but we were the only guys who were a big group of friends, the whole class indented us very fast. We were Bernardo, Juan Carlos, Elmer, Pepe and Alexis.
For third semester we were a group of friends that the whole school knew that is why we have many friends in every classroom. In those I met to Asael, the guy who is in the middle of the image, although he was a friend of a different classroom, he thought us many thing to face the difficulties in our degree, because he was in the last semesters.
Nowadays we are in different classroom, due to different interests, some others did not pass some subjects, one is in other school, however we still keep our friendship, in spite of being separated.

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