viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

My difficult Fridays

Since I stated to study the University, I work at nights on weekends, therefore my Fridays are always difficult, and because of staying awake during a scholar day is too hard. Sometimes I fall asleep in the classes, other times I don´t arrive to the school or if I arrive to the school I don´t get in to the classes.

Some teachers have told me that I have to find other job, because this one makes me get bad grades, however my job is very gratifying, so I earn much money to pay my school, my personal thing and I can contribute in my house with money.

I have studied in this degree for 3 years as much as I work at nights that is why I am accustomed to stay awake on Fridays and try to do my best in those days. In some classes is hard to be wake, but I try to pay attention, some teachers understand my condition and help me, some others not, because they think that the life is in that way and I have to solve my problems.

In spite of my condition on Friday days I am doing my best, I have arrived until sixth semester with ups and downs. Knowing that my effort has been very hard, I can´t surrender in my goal, because I will achieve to end my degree.

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