martes, 17 de noviembre de 2015

Introduction of Immersion week


My name is Edgar Conde Palacios. I am a Student from Universidad Autonoma de Chiapas, I study English Language Teaching at Languages Faculty and I am taking the 6th semester.
This project of immersion week is requirement to involve the students to Academic life.

The immersion week has many objectives, however the most important is about accompanying a teacher to have a period of direct and intensive contact with the professional life as a teacher; another objectives are observing classes to identify some problems and propose solutions for them and reflexing about the teacher life.

The week for accompanying a teacher help to motivate me to continuous studying my major and developing the way how English is though.

I have chosen Centro Educativo Maya to do my immersion week, because it looks like a wonderful place with good recommendations where children have English class, so I wanted to observe and accompanying the teachers who works there.

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